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Twin sisters Brittany & Cynthia Daniel on a sunny hawaiian day

11.10.2015by: No Cool Handle

I remember when I first saw Basketball Diaries as a teenager. The scene that stuck with me the most wasn't the prophetic school shooting scene, nor, the basketball game on downers. The one I always remember that movie for is when two star athletes are greeted by the two crazy-hot twins, then invited into their apartment for some cocaine fueled banging. I also remember thinking it was the most immoral Double Mint Gum commercial of all time. Winkie and Blinkie (yes those were the names of their characters) were brought to life by this super sexy pair, Brittany and Cynthia Daniels. Here's the two of them traversing the Hawaiian shorelines in skimpy swimwear; showing the world that even at 39, a tightly toned body is possible. I wonder if there's some master manipulator out there who was successful in convincing these two siblings to double down on him – that's the dream right? If so, a tell-all blog would be welcome.

Source: GCeleb


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