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Try to ignore Scarlett Johansson's flat top and focus on her round back

03.30.2017by: Droz

I wonder if we might have erred when many of us made such a thing out of Scarlett Johansson's super short hair. You know she's in the midst of divorce proceedings right now, which tends to put one in a testy frame of mind. ScarJo being miffed at criticisms of her styling might be why she went even more drill sergeant with her do at the NYC premiere of GHOST IN THE SHELL last night. I don't have a window to Scarlett's soul, I'm sad to say. So I don't know what her thinking is here. All I can say is that the rest of her is looking damn good in this sparkly, slit, rainbow-looking number she's got on here. Girl has truly reinvented herself as a hottie, even reshaping her whole person no doubt to comply with the rigorous demands of so many highly acrobatic action roles.

I bear Scarlett no grievances or grudges. I'd still leap at the chance to be her rebound guy in half a heartbeat. Even so, she'll have to forgive me if I continue to keep a special place in my heart for some of her previous iterations.

Extra Tidbit: If they ever feel like doing a Gozer movie spin off, they know who to call.
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