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Try as she might, Zoey Deutch can't stop her sweetness from showing

12.09.2016by: Droz

Many a hottie working a red carpet seems to feel the need to act all aloof for the cameras. It's like a fashion photographer thing, urging their subject to show more intensity. Only instead of one guy snapping pics, it's rows upon rows of camera people rapid fire snapping. Such intensity of attitude seems to work out okay for the pages of the magazine or whatever, but I find it much more annoying at events like this GQ Man of the Year thing. It looks like Zoey Deutch agrees with me on that, based on her inability to stop her natural adorable nature from sabotaging her attempts at aloofness. Girl is gorgeous with any kind of attitude, but for me she's best when she has one of those sweet smiles on her face. They say a smile is key to relaxing people in social situations. If that's true, then Zoey's smile could stop wars. She's just that calming.

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