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Troian Bellisario looks real pretty lying in the sheets for S-Life

05.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've always loved the angle that Troian Bellisario took as the A-type achiever on "Pretty Little Liars," playing the character as driven and bold rather than uptight and bitchy. It seems to be the way the actress lives in her real life. She's talked openly about fighting an eating disorder that started in high school, graduated from USC (go Trojans!) and just recently allowed a random stranger to take over her personal social media accounts. That's right, when Bellisario lost her bag, a guy was nice enough to hold onto it - and the phone & all-access Coachella passes and other personal belongings - trying to get in touch with her to return it. As a thank you, Troian (who the guy hilariously continues to refer to as "Trojan" most likely due to good ol' auto-correct) let him have her passes AND keep her SnapChat open during his time at the music festival. In a world where celebrities have to be constantly alert regarding everything on their cell phones, this was an honestly cool thing of her to do. 
Source: CelebMafia


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