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Tricia Helfer is hot enough to heat her own bath water

03.31.2015by: Droz

For awhile now photographer TJ Scott has been bringing in all kinds of models and famous folk to take photos for his ongoing "In The Tub" series. One of his latest gets is the perpetually scorching hot Tricia Helfer. I'd like nothing more right now than to be in that tub with her. Mmmm, sheer heaven. It's so great to see how jaw-dropping she still is after all these years. Believe it or not, we're within sight of 15 years since the Battlestar Galactica miniseries reboot that eventually spawned the followup series. You wouldn't know it though. Tricia could play Number Six today and look just as good doing it as she did back all those years ago. I can't stay on that topic very long though, lest I start waxing all nostalgic for that show and find myself wrapped up in yet another BSG marathon. That damn Netflix streaming video. How many hours of productivity wasted thanks to their collections of complete TV series? I'm already neck deep in an X-Files binge to get ready for when they bring that back. And now they're talking about a new Star Trek series, which is really gonna put a dent in my work load if I've gotta get all caught up on 6 series and a dozen movies worth of Trek history. God forbid anyone talk about a BSG spinoff. I can't remember what sleep is like anymore.

Source: TJ Scott


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