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Treat your eyes to Elsa Hosk's hypnotic hindquarters

05.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Thank whatever you worship for fitness themed photo shoots. While you're at it, be thankful for booty shorts, Victoria's Secret, gymnastic rings, sports bras, hard bodied blondes like Elsa Hosk, morally flexible photographers and a means of efficient distribution called the internet. Remove any single one of those elements from that equation, and these images may have never existed. This is the kind of behind the scenes image set that will no doubt be better than what Victoria's Secret deems fit-to-print, and perhaps the best depiction of this rookie Angels' ass thus far. Call it fate; call it luck; for whatever reason, some itchy finger - at a most opportune moment - snapped it's way to the successful haul that are these pics. Our mystery photographer couldn't have been in a more perfect position to deliver unto us a collection of greatest hits like: hard nipples, sexy midriff, perfect pins and glorious glutes.

Source: ns4w


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