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Treat your eyes to Ava Sambora's killer bikini body

06.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

138 Water's latest collaboration with sexy celebrity spawn Ava Sambora just set the bar for best bikini photos of the summer thus far. The standard all pics hence forth will be held to, the ones to beat. This is of course, just like... my opinion... man, but it's one I'll defend with conviction. I've read others views about Ava on various forums (I like to get the pulse of fellow enthusiasts) that contest my visual acuity; ones that call this angel average, and in that same breath, refer to her as a pale comparison to mother Heather Locklear. Average my balls; this fresh-as-they-come bit of eye candy just went from noticeable to a f**king bikini babe All Star in this, her second or third professional shoot. Ariel Winter is average - I would dedicate a lifetime of servitude to Ava Sambora, she need only ask. I pose this question earnestly: what the hell are the naysayers talking about? Seriously, I want to know. There's too many photos awaiting you for me to endlessly speculate about that.

Source: 138 WaterNSFW


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