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Training Day star Scottie Thompson takes a walk on the ginger side

03.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I love me a smart lady and Scottie Thompson is a smart lady. Long before geting into acting, the former NCIS star was a dancer, performing with the Richmond Ballet before deciding to take some time to go to Harvard and graduate with a bachelor's degree in Performance Studies and Literature. Not that you have to go to college, let alone Harvard, to be considered smart, it just helps. The only problem with checking out how Thompson looks like a hotter redheaded version of Lauren Holly is that her CBS show set to return to air on April 8th, Training Day might not last very long. The show starred Bill Paxton, who passed away last month after complications from heart surgery, leaving most of us film fans reeling as if we'd lost a brother. While the show was meant to be a television spin on the 2001 movie of the same name, many viewers complained that it was too soft and sorta hammy and now without Paxton, its future isn't looking so bright, even if its lovely female star is.
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