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Top 6 Sexiest Femme Fatales (Video)

03.31.2016by: Droz

You ever seen a woman so hot you'd literally risk death just to get with her? Yeah, me neither. Still, they've gotta be out there. After all, the movies seem to be pretty fond of depicting hotties just as likely to blow your brains across the wall as they are to bang your brains out in bed. And as we all know, movies never exaggerate anything. Right? Uhhh, yeah, well, let's look at 6 such hotties and see if there's one in there you'd risk going to your grave to get with.

Can you think of any more deadlier dames? How about some other kinds of top 6 hotties? Let us know while you watch this Valkyrie shout and laugh with the pure, hateful, bloodthirsty joy of the slaughter.
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