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Top 6 Movie Strippers That Don't Strip Nude (video)

10.13.2016by: Droz

Most people would probably consider it a shitty thing to find themselves in a titty bar filled with strippers who never really strip out of anything. Such a situation might understandably make one wonder why they were there at all, watching a show which isn't showing anything. Rightly so. However, the situation changes quite a bit when you have famous hotties doing the non-stripping. Suddenly the whole prospect of beloved babes of stage and screen, doing even a half-assed job as strippers, takes on an undeniable appeal. Here are 6 such occasions when top shelf hotties were almost full fledged strippers.

Who else might you want to see get not naked as a stripper? What other sorts of nearly naked moments have you fond memories of? Do tell. Meanwhile, we'll be watching Natalie show Clive something very special.

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