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Top 6 Hotties with Really Short Hair (video)

09.01.2016by: Droz

Short hair on the hotties is a touchy subject. It tends to bring up a lot of negative reactions, probably because it can be such a radical change. People do get used to seeing their favorite hotties a certain way, so much so that a big change usually doesn't go over well. But then there are a few who manage to lop off their hair and still stay just as good as before - maybe even better. We got 6 such hotties below. See who made the cut by making the cut.


Can you think of any other hotties who stayed hot in spite of a boy cut? What other kinds of things can totally wreck a hottie's look? Tell us about it. Now let's look at that bikini scene from DIE ANOTHER DAY, pretty much the best thing about that movie.
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