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Top 6 Hottest Movie Redneck Babes (video)

10.12.2017by: Droz

Living in the time of Trump means we're forced to deal with an excess of rednecks. Their absurdities tend to be a moderate to severe annoyance to rational people. In fact, I can think of only one area where I'm at least willing to entertain them in any way. That's where things pertain to hottie rednecks. Sounds like an oxymoron at first, but the 6 actresses below prove it's at least possible to meld the two concepts together. I'm not sure I could ever have a relationship with some of these women, but I'd be happy to tolerate their dimwitted lifestyle for a long as it takes to get my rocks off. See if you find something worthwhile below.

I went back and forth on those last two for awhile. Christina sure looked hot in those panties, but then so did Jessica in her pink bikini. I'm gonna stick with the results of my coin flip, but it's possible I may have erred.

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