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Top 6 Hottest Models (video)

02.16.2017by: Droz

Models. They represent so much of what we value in our species. They got the finest bodies, the prettiest faces, the most desirable all around features any of us could ever want in the opposite sex. Being as idealized as they are, you'd think there would be less of them. It's just the opposite though. The world is jam packed with super hot models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, personalities and every other thing you could ever want in a dream girl. Since everyone seems to want a different thing in their perfect girl, it's probably impossible to pick just a handful to be the best. But we'll give it a shot anyway. Here are 6 models who we feel are killing it in their field right now.


No doubt you can think of a few more models you enjoy. So list them already while Babs does her excellent Catherine Tramell impersonation.


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