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Top 6 Female Robots From Movies (video)

08.18.2017by: Droz

For many years now we've been anticipating a time when technology might advance far enough to provide us with artificial sex on demand. Sadly, the elusive sex bot remains one of those wonders of science that's always just out of reach no matter how advanced we get. About the only place you can see what it might be like to have a robotic sex partner is in the movies. Unfortunately, those same movies more often than not seem to think this technology is fated to be anything but pleasing. In the end, they all turn into rampaging murder machines. Let's hope reality doesn't mirror the fiction when/if we do finally get our love machines.

Check out 6 of our favorite female robots gone bad below.

What other artificial hotties would you gladly make into your personal sexbot? I don't know about you, but here's my current favorite in the increasingly popular area of hot AIs on murderous rampages.

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