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Too bad the top of Christina Hendricks' dress wasn't detachable

03.26.2015by: Droz

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this detachable dress thing Christina Hendricks was wearing to her last red carpet event for Mad Men. You see hotties show up at events with the big poofy dresses all the time, but never have I seem them transform like this - certainly not in the middle of their poses for the red carpet camera people. I can understand needing to wear something less fluffy for later when she's in the theater watching the show. Those seats aren't exactly poofy dress friendly. I don't think they intended for the poofs to come off in public though. More of a dressing room thing, I would think. Anyway, that's all well and good for the lower half of Christina. It's just too bad they didn't include a pull away function for the cut of that bust line of hers. I really miss the old days of gratuitous Hendricks red carpet cleavage. Those were epic moments of motorboating glory. You could always count on Christina for all your sloppy, drool-covered big titty fantasy needs whenever she found herself contractually obligated to walk a red carpet somewheres. But then she had to go and get married and settle down. Now she makes them pull out an extra yard or two of material just to keep those gigantic fun bags mostly covered. That sucks. I much prefer how she used to roll.

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