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Tinashe quenches your thirst for underboob in Complex

02.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Some of you might recognize singer/actress Tinashe from her stint as the girlfriend of Jake, that weird kid from "2 & a Half Men." I certainly hope none of you recognize her from THE POLAR EXPRESS, where the filmmakers used the younger version of this beautiful young woman for the clunky foray into realistic CGI animation. Because after looking at her in this super sexy, underboob filled photoshoot with Complex magazine, you're not going to be thinking back to when she was a wee one. Tinashe is now 22-years old and pursuing her work in music more than the acting gigs she picks up (she's done a hefty amount of voice work for cartoons) and is celebrating the recent release of her latest single, "Ride of Your Life." Judging by the video that Complex posted of her photoshoot, I can't argue with that assertion.

Source: Idolator


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