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Tina Fey is the best dressed hottie in this magazine spread

12.21.2015by: Droz

It's always a treat to see Tina Fey turn on the sexy for a spread like this one for The Edit. She's a funny woman for sure, but at 45 I'm just as impressed with how she still makes magic happen with that remarkably well aging bod of hers. Though I did feel kind of bad for her last week, when her movie SISTERS got its ass handed to it by ST:TFA's record-breaking $240 mil haul. I think her movie made it to an extremely distant 3rd with a few mil. I'm sure the logic there was not to beat Star Wars. The chances of that happening were about as likely as a storm trooper bullseyeing a womp rat. I'm sure they figured they might draw in the non-geek segment of the movie-going audience, specifically the wives and girlfriends of nerds who try not to think about their SO's affinity for galactic struggles. Unfortunately for Tina, I think even the non nerdy types were persuaded to check out TFA. Thus the overwhelming drawing power of a new Star Wars movie. Definitely some bad timing and even worse foresight. Oh well, there's always Redbox.

Source: The Edit


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