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Time for another exciting episode of the Christina Milian Cleavage Show!

05.14.2015by: Droz

It could be said that Christina Milian titty shows run more consistently than your average AMC series. It's definitely just as entertaining a series. This latest Milian mounds moment happened as the sexy latina made her way into a friend's birthday party. What a nice present she is. If only I could get some barely contained titties at my next birthday party. I'm lucky to get candles and a few gift cards.

You ever notice how the hotties who always show off are the happiest of them all. Christina goes around with her boobs pouring out and big ole grin on her face. Counter that with all sorts of other famous women who stay covered all the time as they frown and grimace at everyone around them. I think Christina's way is better. She's got the tits and everyone is down for looking at them. Why not give the people what they want and bask in all the attention? Why think of yourself as some forbidden thing that's gotta be hidden away? Actors and singers draw attention as a basic part of their job. Might as well be true to the job you've chosen.

Source: Egostastic


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