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Those are some killer legs Chloe Moretz is showing off there

05.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Chloe Moretz was a stock I would've lost an absurd amount of money shorting it. When watching her in movies like LET ME IN and HUGO, the thought of her transitioning into the blue-chip, hot commodity she's turned out to be never crossed my mind. I always thought: the kids got talent, but my mind never waded into perverted waters and the anticipation for the day she turned "of age" was never there. In her case (for me, anyway; I don't want to offend her many passionate subjects), the parts are greater than the sum. Today, the parts in question are an undeniably flawless pair of pins – hypnotic even. They have to be in order to make a fairly routine set of candid photos such as these standout. I can't be the only one who finds it a little more than noticeable that such a lengthy-looking pair of limbs are welded onto, what is otherwise, something of a stocky frame; not heavyset, just a little squared off. Yeah, I'm just nitpicking now. 

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