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This Week in Celebrity Social Media Pics: Kaley Cuoco, Selena Gomez, McKayla Maroney, Sofia Vergara...

02.01.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Another week of interesting stuff coming out of the snap-your-fingers-instant mentality of social media, with our lovely celebrities willing to get in on the action as much as your mom's best friend who made you want to go wash out your eyeballs with bleach when you accidentally stumbled upon her "sexy" Instagram images. For Jason Mewes, it turned out to be the week that he apologized to his friends about his wife's Instagram getting hooked to his Facebook account. Apparently, he does not model or cook. Who woulda snootched? As for the rest of our Motleywood crew, here's what was going down.


Alexa Vega beat Miley Cyrus to the punch in the January Tongue Wrap-Up posts.

Or perhaps they were just offering tongue bath services to Maria Menounos.... or the poodle she was spooning.

Sofia Vergara
got drunk on her 2013 SAG Awards success for Modern Family.

While Kaley Cuoco proved she's no dumb blonde by using the opportunity to advertise "The Big Bang Theory" and tide over fans for one more week before original episodes start airing again.

Lucy Hale
spent some time working Foley, to which Dave replied, "How many times to I have to explain I'm NOT gay? Why didn't you call, Lucy?!?"

I think Selena Gomez might have porked Bieber one too many times and got impregnated by something worse than his kid - his lame swag.

Vida Guerra
knows you care, so she posted proof that she does indeed allow the ass to get enough beauty sleep

Turns out that McKayla "Tasty Jailbait" Maroney could gold medal in more than just the "unimpressed" face.



Source: Twitter


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