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This Week in Celebrity Social Media Pics: Adrianne Curry, Rihanna, Tiffani Thiessen...

01.25.2013by: Cherry Liquor

As friends on the East Coast have been getting higher temperatures than expected (except for those poor souls in Waterbury, CT), us Californians are getting our cold streak and rainy weather. Perfect just in time for celebrities looking for attention to put on bikinis, lingerie, and skimpy dresses, only to turn their backs on us as if they're special or something. Here's a brief run-down on what got posted over the week of January 19-24th.


Adrianne Curry finally caught onto how sick you all are of her flashing her cleavage for Twitter. FINALLY.


Nadine Velazquez freezes her giblets off for art, shows off her beaver for fun. We thank her for both.


Pia Mia Perez is only 16 so it makes sense that she's on a playground but I would've suggested the lunchroom first.


Don't jump, Alexa Vega!! I'm sure MACHETE KILLS isn't that bad!


Tiffani "Kelly Kapowski" Thiessen shows us that turning 39 in her place is a magical thing where you can get white all around her collar.


Whatever Jennifer Love Hewitt has to smoke in order to get through filming "The Client List," it appears to be working.













Rihanna tries to figure out if her fans like her better coming or going. Still no word from Chris Brown on which side he prefers.

Amanda "AJ" Michalka tries the bikini thing again, improves by not having guy in pic with her, still needs to work on showing the cutlets.

Source: Twitter


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1:20PM on 01/25/2013
Adrianne Curry is so foxy.
Adrianne Curry is so foxy.
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