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This Week in Celebrity Social Media Pictures: Amanda Bynes, Candice Swanepoel, Maria Menounos...

01.18.2013by: Cherry Liquor

It seems that it's becoming more and more of a common occurrence for celebrities to post pictures of themselves while in the moment, to share with their fans and more likely than not, get publicity attention for the images. I'm sure a few of the celebs in question have good intention. But how about we look back over this weeks' Tweeted, Instagrammed, FaceBooked, Tumblered TMI image moments.

Amanda Bynes takes a whole different approach to retiring by showing us that she was only one cheek piercing away from complete involuntary unemployment.

Amanda "AJ" Michalka demonstrates a complete bikini pose fail by standing next to a dude who's showing more tit than she is.

Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell gears up to release a solo album recorded in various items of clothing. I hear the second track will be serenaded from a sweater vest.

Jennette McCurdy ditches Carly and makes FaceBook her new best friend. We all thank her for the change.


Maria Menounos is suddenly surprised that people have been more focused on her ass than her personality all along.

Have any of you heard about this Candice Swanepoel chick and the fact that she has an ass? It's all so new to me.

Source: Twitter


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8:48AM on 01/18/2013
Jennette, Maria, and Candice love the camera.
Jennette, Maria, and Candice love the camera.
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