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This kid is my new hero

02.16.2015by: Droz

Dammit! Why didn't I think of this? Oh yeah, because some random dude walking up to a hot woman on the street bearing flowers is creepy as shit. That goes double for any guy who would do that on Valentine's Day to a woman just walking the street in workout gear. Any guy who would try that might as well just call the cops on himself and save everyone the trouble. On the other hand, little kids doing the same thing are charming and sweet. Thus the way this ultimate badass kid was able to get himself closer to Kelly Brook than you or I ever will, thanks to his floral gift action. Check him out with his thumbs up and missing tooth smile. He just scored some major man points before he even has hair one on his nuts. Keep an eye out for this boy in the years to come. I predict he will go far.

Source: NSFW


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