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This isn't a Stella Maxwell nip slip, it's a total boob slip

09.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

Most models – when they choose revealing eveningwear – assume a certain risk. I'm sure when Stella Maxwell was looking over the evening's selection, the possibility of a little bit of nipple being seen by the public was considered, and deemed acceptable. But… we're not talking about your garden-variety nipple slip, here; this was a titty emancipation. Whether by her will or not, that right breast fought for liberation ... and won. This probably doesn't mean much to her in the grand scheme of things. Stella is notoriously proud of those bite-sized beauties and hardly ever passes on an opportunity to see them photographed. A model who traffics in sexy is never really off the clock; this fortuitous moment of public nudity is just another reminder. I'm always curious as to how this doesn't happen more often.

Source: NS4W


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