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This is what I love about the 80s

02.13.2015by: Droz

I found myself in serious flashback territory the other day when I happened upon these pics by photographer David Hauserman. Hearkening back to the birth of the aerobics craze of the early 80s, these pics encapsulate the bulk of why most dudes in the 80s got gym memberships. Of course I was but little kid at that time, yet with enough understanding that there was something very significant about women in thongs and other assorted provocative gear getting themselves in suggestive positions. These pics put me in mind of that movie PERFECT, which was supposed to be a chronicle of the changing times and the new emphasis on fitness, yet wound up as a thoroughly awful dose of irony. All except for Jamie Lee Curtis and her unbelievable body back then.

She really was a work of art. As good as the ladies below look, they're still just imitators to Jamie's 80s perfection.

Source: David Hauserman


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