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This is what a Halston Sage work day looks like

05.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

You often hear actors and actresses talking about the grueling conditions under which they work. While for the most part that may be true, these photos weren't taken from the set of The Revenant 2. No, these are from the set of YOU GET ME, a summer romance movie featuring more babes in skimpy bikinis than the upcoming BAYWATCH movie. Unlike the previous set photos which featured the redheaded Internet sensation Bella Thorne, these images depict another young hottie who looks f**king awesome in a two piece, Halston Sage, hard at work making out with her beef cake costar and soaking up sun in the sand. I'm not gonna lie: with the promise of a feature-length movie where these two fresh babes are running around in a myriad of sexy outfits, my anticipation for it's release has increased exponentially. This may be the first movie of its kind I actually purchase the ticket for.

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