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This is how Maria Sharapova works hard to get back into tennis

03.28.2016by: Droz

Like a lot of people, I was kinda surprised to hear about Maria Sharapova doing the enhancement drugs. Well, maybe not surprised. Perhaps just kinda disappointed. She's been one of those pretty faces of sport since she started. You don't typically think of those people as the sort to let themselves get mixed up in the sordid world of athletic doping. But then again, she's not getting any younger. 28, almost 29, is akin to old age in her sport. It probably shouldn't come as any surprise to see people her age resorting to skirting the rules just to stay competitive. She's got a lot of cash riding on them endorsements and money purses.

Anyway, it's unclear if she will ever be able to play in the tennis big leagues again. Which may be why she's not making much of an effort to keep up her training, preferring to lounge around beaches and show off her beautiful ass. And why not? Hell, she's probably worth hundreds of millions by now. It's not like that kind of cash wont cover her for the rest of her life. Why not just lay back on a sunny beach, get a tan, and mull over new directions in life while she's still young enough to actually pursue them. It's what I'd be doing right now, were I in her place.

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