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This is Gillian Anderson's year

01.22.2016by: Droz

I'm starting to get excited for this weekend, when The X-Files makes its way back to TV. I wasn't so sure about bringing that show back when they first announced this was happening. The memories of those terrible last seasons and the mostly pointless sequel movie are still fairly fresh in my mind. However, I've read a few encouraging reviews of how they're approaching the new episodes. Plus, all the promotional stuff has got the nostalgia centers of my brain working at capacity. And then there's Gillian, looking better than anyone in her late 40s has a right to. All these fine women from my childhood continuing to look as tasty as ever are going to skew my perceptions of the passage of time. It used to be that people you idolized got old and wrinkled, which is how you knew you were past it too. I look at Gillian in this Interview Magazine spread and it feels like I'm 16 again, waiting for the new X-Files season to start and pondering how they're going to keep Smoking Man from infecting Mulder with the black oil aliens as part of the vast government conspiracy. I don't know where I am right now.


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