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This is as close as we've come to Jessica Biel booty shots in some time

02.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

How I long for the days when Jessica Biel would appear in scantily clad photo shoots or expose her bodies most desirable parts on screen. It seems every time a set of candid photos pops up featuring the bootylicious Biel, she's dressed in a way that makes the least sexual impact possible – sometimes looking Amish and others looking like she's preparing to churn butter. Maybe she's one of those rare birds that truly doesn't crave the kind of attention most girl's of her beauty do. That's a hard contradiction to grasp when all of these hotties are always photo ready, just in case they happen to cross a lens. This particular set of candids may not be the eye-popping, ass spectacular one would hope for, but they definitely provide a look at one of the most famous curvatures in Hollywood. Seeing as it's been such a long time since anything remotely resembling her ass has popped up on the Internet, they'll have to do.

Source: NSFW


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