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Third time is the charm for Rita Ora in a bikini

12.30.2015by: Droz

Alright, fine. I totally want to bang the shit out of Rita Ora now. I tried to be all snotty about her crappy music and tattoos and all the rest of her that bugs me, but the truth is that I'd give just about anything to pull that bikini off her round ass with my teeth. Doesn't mean I have to like her. Let's be honest here, wanting to bang someone senseless isn't exactly dependent on enjoying a someone as a person. If that were the case, I'd have been a virgin until 30. Where eye candy goes, Rita is just fine. Even the tats in the crotchal area are kind hot, as is the way she can't seem to stop messing with her stringy bottoms. So yeah, I'd get with Rita, just as long as it was mutually agreed upon that we didn't have to say anything to each other afterward. More people should live by that kind of agreement. It would probably do the world and our individual mental states a whole lot a good.

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