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Think of all the fun to be had with Chloe Goodman and a paddle in her hand

12.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

What's the appeal with paddle boarding? To me, it always came off as an activity for people with a messianic complex; a "sport" for those who get some spiritual nourishment from the illusion they're walking on water. I wonder if Chloe Goodman is as handy with that long paddle on land as she on sea? Only the lucky bastard who gets to share a bed with her knows for sure. It's a good thing the larger images of Chloe's recent bikini outing were released to the public; zooming in without the loss of pixel density shows a lot of who-ha definition we might not have otherwise been privy to. If you've never seen this British sex symbol without a top, copy and paste this – Chloe Goodman topless – into a Google search engineering near you. Become acclimated with Chloe's long history of providing stellar tit-pics. Then you'll know what I mean say: Imagine how much fun you, Chloe and a paddle could have together.

Source: NS4W


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