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They forgot to tell Barbara Palvin it isn't nice to outshine the main event

09.01.2016by: Droz

They premiered Emma Stone's musical revival LA LA LAND last night at the Venice Film Festival. And of course, Emma was the main event on the red carpet. Well, she was supposed to be. For me, the real main event was Barbara Palvin doing her thing in a tight, white number. I guess you could call this a cuteness square off between two powerhouses of adorable in their individual fields of expertise. Emma has a lot of cute clout in Hollywood, but Barbara has cuteness locked up where modelling goes. Actually, this dress is kinda like one Emma wore to Cannes last year, except for the long ass train, the big slit down the front, and the fact that it looks kind of see thru. Barbara, that wasn't nice of you to go one-upping Emma and adding insult to injury by doing so with a similar yet hotter dress. But I do appreciate the effort. A lot.

Source: GotCeleb


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