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These Taylor Swift leg shows shouldn't be as good as they are

03.10.2015by: Droz

I'm starting to piss myself off over how fond I am of Taylor Swift's leg shows. I feel a strong urge to disapprove of everything about her. I'm practically there. Her music is annoying and the "I'm so beautiful and don't you want to be like me" vibe she and others in her racket like to put out there to f*ck with the heads of 14-year-old girls is loathsome. I also hate the precedent she and others are currently establishing whereby 20-year-olds walk the Earth with $200 million in the bank. That's the kind of money once reserved only for old men who spent their life raping the environment and breaking the backs of their employees in a mad rush for power and wealth. Nowadays any old jail bait with a half descent singing voice can pull in that kind of bank. She also seems to be on a crusade to abolish streaming music, which only further irritates. Even her name doesn't sit well with me. Taylor. That's one of those semi-ironic 80s namings by parents who thought they were being different by giving their girl a boy name.

All that hatin' should leave me with bad taste in my mouth when I see her. Unfortunately, when she shows up in one of these leggy outfits, it undoes all my preconceptions and annoyances. All I can think about is how elegant and long her legs are, how perky her tits are and how sweet her face is. I actually find myself thinking how sweet she must be and how much I wish she were my girlfriend. It's an insidious charm she exudes without saying a word. Clearly there are dark arts at work here. I suspect that somewhere a necromancer in a remote forest cave awaits Taylor's first born child as payment for enchantment spell services rendered. 

Source: NSFW


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