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These seriously sexy Cara Delevingne pics should cheer you up

05.21.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Why do you guys think Cara Delevingne always looks like she's about ready to punch a baby seal in all of her pictures? Is the serious face just something that worked and that's now how she poses for everything? Maybe all the photographers she's worked with just make things difficult and annoying. I've speculated and tried to come up with answers, but it always leads to a dead end and I'm tired of always feeling like a failure, so you can take my gun and my badge now, Sarg. I'm out. Woah, sorry. Didn't mean to get that far. I suppose the look does work for her. She has a beautiful resting bitch face face and who am I to point out that she looks angry all the time? Here she is for something called Wall Street Journal Magazine and while I'm not seeing any booby or booty like any other dude would like to see when looking at a photoshoot starring a sexy model, she still looks wonderful and these pics will work just fine. There's even a picture of her kind of half smiling a little. Small successes... 

Source: Got Celeb


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