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These Mark Seliger Oscar after party portraits are better than the actual award show

03.04.2016by: Droz

I've heard different opinions voiced over the quality of this year's Oscars. Some enjoyed watching Chris Rock rip on whitey. Others were less than enthusiastic. Me, I was mostly distracted by how poorly most of the jokes went over with the crowd and how a few of the gags just did a total flyby for most folks (I'm still cringing over that Stacy Dash thing). The Oscar after parties are where the real magic happens for me. They're everyone's last chance to do their best to impress before the night is over and their carriages turn back into pumpkins. Bringing in an accomplished photographer to capture the sexy Oscar party hotties at their best makes the whole affair even better, as evidenced by these Mark Seliger pics. These remind one of just how many fine hotties there are in Hollywood today. Bless them all.

Source: Mark Seliger


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