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These Katy Perry bikini pictures have too much Orlando Bloom in them

08.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I want this Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom thing to be over already. I've read far too many stories about what a dick he can be and I feel strangely protective of my little Katy-Kat. Sure, people are already aware of her having bad taste in men, from Travie McCoy (whose drug addiction issues she wrote about in her song "Circle the Drain") to Russell Brand (who I actually didn't have a problem with her being with, other than the fact that he couldn't cope with the demands of her career) to of course, John f*cking Mayer (no explanation needed). Katy seems to be a serial monogamist akin to Kaley Cuoco - loyal to her louts, all one after the other of them. So who do I think would be a good choice for our SoCal princess? Zac Efron is single again and he's a cutie who understands the pressures of her life but would also remain loyal without selling her out to the tabloids. Or maybe she could really burn Taylor once and for all and have a legit romance with Jake Gyllenhaal, whereas Swift could only try to manipulate a couple of coffee dates into photo ops.
Source: Pop Sugar


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