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These Kate Hudson bikini photos very much speak for themselves

05.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kate Hudson vacationing on the beaches of Hawaii just made this 2016 Memorial Day weekend truly memorable. Looking back, some will recall clashing personalities and dueling in laws during their time spent with extended family members. I'll remember it as the time when Kate Hudson gave us the Jessica Alba special - on all fours, in a barley there bikini. The results speak for themselves. If a picture is worth a thousand words then, ironically, a few crotch shots of an enduring hottie like Kate will leave you speechless. What better way to honor those who've died in service to this great country than providing the soldiers still here with pictures capable of renewing even the most hardened warrior's zest for life; they deserve nothing less. If it sounds like I'm making a mockery of one of our finest traditions, please know, I meant that with the upmost sincerity. These are the kind of photos that will circulate around the barracks... rightfully so.

Source: ns4w


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