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There's something satisfying about Victoria Justice in a minidress

01.19.2017by: No Cool Handle

Checking out sexy images of Victoria Justice can be both a pleasurable experience and a disheartening one. It's Like taking a moment out of every other day to spend time at your local exotic imports car dealership, sobbing over the $200,000 European muscle machine you'll never be able to afford. Worse even. At least you're in the car's physical presence and could possibly get away with running your fingers along it's shining rear end. Yeah, that'll never happen with Victoria Justice; the most you can ever hope for is to look at millions of pixels representing Victoria's gold, shining rear end. Like in this set of photos, where we find this fetching young lady making her way into the 43rd annual People's choice awards. At this point, it's redundant to comment on how perfect she is. Anytime Ms. Justice shows up to a high profile event, looking perfect is a foregone conclusion. It's what she does; she just exists... looking perfect.

Source: NS4W


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