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There's nothing horrific about Victoria Justice doing her cute and hot thing

09.27.2016by: Droz

Holy shit, it's only 3 weeks until Victoria Justice and company premiere their new take on THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Oh right, I forgot. No one cares. Sorry, I know that sounds a little callous toward Vicky and her new project. Still, it's true. Anyone who loves this movie will go watch the original. Those who hate it wont watch it at all. Which I guess means they're relying on those unfamiliar with RHPS to give these efforts purpose. Of course this never works. Every remake they do ends up being a pale imitation of the thing it's attempting to supplant and in the end only makes you long to clear your mind of all the mediocre by watching the original. There's the only success I predict this will have, namely driving a bunch of people to watch the original movie.

Vicky might just be the one good part of an otherwise pointless remake. I don't know what her performance is going to be like, but if these little clips they're putting out can be trusted, her eye candy is going to be fantastic.

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