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There's nothing artificial about Lili Simmons' beauty at Westworld premiere

09.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
We're just raining newbie hotties all over the place these days. From Haley Bennett busting out in pretty much every splashing flick this fall to Ana de Armas showing off her sexy Cubana self in the lower budget fall films, it seems it's time for a new face to fall in love with in the TV department and Lili Simmons is ready to be that face. While she's not exactly new (neither is Bennett or de Armas either, actually), with the premiere of Westworld it might be the biggest push for the Californian beauty. Lili previously appeared in a reoccurring role on "Hawaii 5-0," but since I only have time for Katharine McPhee's fine ass on "Scorpion," I didn't even realize that she was on the CBS show. (Scott Caan, you deserve better, just FYI.) Westworld will debut on HBO on October 2nd and is based on the 1973 movie starring Yul Brenner, as a android in a futuristic theme park based on the wild west. The cast is phenomenal, from Anthony Hopkins to Ed Harris to Clifton Collins Jr to Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Tessa Thompson (they even have a little of Hemsworth brother #3 who no one really cares about). It's about as amazeballs as pay cable gets without involving wolves, imps and dragons. Hell, it almost makes me want to figure out what I have to do to get someone to give me their HBO Go password.

I really am loving everything about Lili here, from her sophisticated but not overdone makeup to her simply choice of jewelry to the dress that shows of skin without getting too rowdy with it. This is a great trend among the up-and-comers of late, making smart choices that manage to make them stand out more than if they presented themselves like sideshow attractions tickling the shock factors senses. I can't wait to see more from her.

Source: Celebrity Hive


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