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There's no stopping Christina Milian's milftastic hotness at the Go Pool

06.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
This isn't the first time that Christina Milian has worn a sexy poolside outfit over at the Go Pool in Las Vegas. Just last year, Christina was in the same place, wearing nearly the same hot costume in the same black and blue colors while I reported about it using nearly the same headline about it. (Damn, looking that up made me realize that there's only so many ways you can refer to a C-list celebrity in Vegas singing while showing off skin.) The one thing that's changing is Christina's attitude after being slammed last month for some off-color sexual remarks made on SnapChat around her daughter and nephews. Christina apparently referred to not getting any penis and asked her nephew if the back massager he was playing with smelled like her butt. Since then the singer/actress has been keeping it cleaner because as we all know, kids can handle a lot of violence in their worlds but heaven forbid anyone talk about butts.
Source: Zimbio


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