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There's no escaping Lake Bell's red hot siren look at her movie premiere

08.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I love Lake. You have to imagine me saying it like Brick declares his affection for lamp in ANCHORMAN but it's no joke. I love me some Lake Bell. She's tough and she's ballsy and she's so talented that even when she's in roles that you want to strangle her over (say, her inclusion in the NetFlix series bringing WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER to the small screen), you end up nodding your head over just how good she is. I like that she does all kinds of different projects, from the sublimely weird (Children's Hospital) to those voice-overs in all the animated movies meant for children. Whatever Lake puts her hand in, she often times makes better (or simply ends up being the only good thing in the entire project - see: pretty much her entire earlier career). Now she's aiming for big box office bucks with the international thriller NO ESCAPE, co-starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. Since becoming a mother 10 months ago, Bell can start to use that experience for all of the mother roles she's been getting cast in over these past few years, even if she's one of the fittest mamas out there. I'm still a bit gobsmacked that those standing in line for her autograph look so underwhelmed in her presence. I wonder where they're selling those autographs after the premiere...
Source: Daily Mail


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