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There's an art to being a curvy sex icon & Natasha Henstridge is as master at it

02.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I would say that 41-year old Natasha Henstridge is a cougar of epic proportions but she's not that old and she's not as epically large as some people might be claiming her to be. The SPECIES star is definitely fuller figured than she was 21 years ago when the movie was released (holy shit, that movie is 21 years old???) but I really like the curves that Nat has grown into over the years. She's a fit lady who can easily carry those 10 extra pounds well over her nearly 5'10" frame and she's had a couple of kids so who can fault her for not spending half of her day at the gym. I'd find more cause to complain if she was ignoring them for the sake of an inch less on her waistline. I'd love to see someone cast her in a regular MILF kinda role on a gratuitously inane late night soap opera kind of show, throwing her hair around and glaring at young dudes trying to seduce her out of her knickers. Then again, I want to see every hottie of a certain age in that kind of role.
Source: CelebMafia


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