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There's always time for some Kelly Brook cleavage

11.12.2015by: No Cool Handle

What can be said about Kelly Brook's cleavage that hasn't been said a thousand times over? Is there a euphemism or innuendo that no one's thought to use yet? – Highly doubtful. And it's not like we haven't been bombarded with photos and media of all sorts that feature her two most appealing assets. Still, photo gazing at Kelly Brook and her entrancing bust has become so habitual, it's almost an addiction. Okay, so addiction may be putting too much of a negative spin on it. It's more like comfort food; those songs or movies you can always revisit without them ever losing their affect on you. Here she's attending a restaurant opening wearing your pretty standard cocktail dress, yet, her unfailing ability to provocate thoughts of unlikely sexual encounters is palpable. The thrill is not gone; we have to forever allow a few moments of our time to revisiting the fleeting fantasies this beauty never fails to inspire.

Source: NSFW


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