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There's always room for more of Gemma Atkinson's toned bikini body

10.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Gemma Atkinson attracted anymore trolls she'd be a bridge. When those same trolls are all over her social media pages saying her body is 'unwomanly', I really have no f**king idea what they're talking about. Is it because she works for some muscle definition? What, a woman has no business being physically fit? We're not exactly talking about veins visibly running up and down her body, and something that may or may not be an Adam's apple ... she's got some good muscle tone, that's it. What kind of a world are we living in where its inhabitants are so superficial they easily dismiss a naturally beautiful woman like Gemma Atkinson? How many men do these people know with big, beautiful breasts, an unmistakingly feminine face and tight, little bikini booty? I'm glad she doesn't let all of that nonsense get to her, lest we see fewer images of the British babe showing off her anatomically enticing form; something she obviously works hard to maintain.

Source: NS4W


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