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There's always a place for Victoria Justice in a blue mini dress

07.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Well, we all owe one to Univision Premios Juventud – I suppose that's a Spanish-language cable station. Apparently they're popular enough to give Uber-hotties like Victoria Justice just cause to migrate to Miami for one of their events, and for that, I'm grateful. We should all be, the petite brunette showed up to the fiesta covered in the tiniest of mini dress. Any smaller and it would have been confused for something a more promiscuous entertainer would wear to the Adult Video News Awards. It would be in poor taste to speak about my future wife in a derogatory way but, the little deviant inside of me can't help but sully my romantic intentions towards a woman of such elegance and grace with thoughts of subjugation and defilement; and that's just the manner I wish she would treat me. Forget about the lurid and aberrant things I imagine for her.

Source: Got Celeb


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