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Then & Now: Bridgette Wilson

08.24.2012by: Salacious Crumb

"Back to school" time sucks. There's no way around it, it blows. Even those of us who have finished school still get a grumbly batch of butterflies in our stomachs just from the thought of re-entering. If you could go back and revisit your early school years, would you? Only those as lucky as Billy Madison get a second chance at their education. The one good thing about being a young student that comes to mind is the "hot teacher". There's nothing like having a sexy beast as an educator, keeping your eyes at the front of the class, while distracting you from your studies. The sexy teacher is a necessity for any place of learning, and since I consider this website a place of learning, let's take a look back at my favorite hot teacher, Veronica Vaughn, who also goes by the name Bridgette Wilson.

The babelicious Bridgette Wilson sprung from the appropriately named Gold Beach in Oregon, where shining goddesses are apparently born. Her looks didn't go unappreciated in her younger years, as she was crowned Miss Teen USA in 1990. Naturally she wanted to give acting a try, and falling into our "back-to-school" theme, her very first appearance was on Saved By The Bell, in which she played "Ginger" (she was a redhead at the time) in 1992. She came back for 4 episodes and apparently word was getting out about this rising hot chick, since they put her up against Ah-nold Schwarzenegger in her first feature film (and her character's first film), LAST ACTION HERO.


Say what you will about this movie, I still kinda dig it, for a few reasons. One, it doesn't take itself seriously, a factor most people seem to forget. Two, the action in it isn't unwatchable (the helicopter scene is pretty freakin' intense). And most importantly, three, it introduced us to the gun-wielding Bridgette Wilson, and in cut-off shorts nonetheless! Cut-off shorts! Pretty awesome for a first role if you ask me. Whether the critics liked it or not, LAST ACTION HERO started Bridgette's career with a bang. The next year, she started filming what are likely two of her most well-known roles.

                                                                                                                                  "Oh, Veronica Vaughn. Sooo hot! Want to touch the heiney!"

It's hard not to look back at BILLY MADISON without cringing a little, only because it was the first of many stepping stones to lead to Adam Sandler overkill. Still, it's a funny movie, and has no business being compared or contrasted to GROWN UPS or JUST GO WITH IT. Plus, it features Bridgette Wilson as the smokin' hot Veronica Vaughn. Miss Vaughn is what that Van Halen song "Hot For Teacher" was about (which is odd, since it was released in 1984). Where else could you find a teacher that will strip-tudor for you and wrestle you in a pool to get you motivated? Bridgette's role is dynamite in Madison, but the explosions don't stop there.

The same year, BILLY was released, we got to see our lovely Bridgette in a completely different kid of role for MORTAL KOMBAT, based on the violent fighting video-game. She starred as the sexy, acrobatic Sonya Blade, who's been portrayed by several other actresses in the MORTAL KOMBAT series, but Bridgette will always be my favorite Sonya. This movie is so nostalgic, it's impossible not to think of that insane techno theme song when the name comes up. Whether you favor the game or the movie, there's no doubt Bridgette's Sonya was hotter than Liu Kang's dragon fire attack.

1995 was a big year for Bridgette. She played a night-club dancer in Oliver Stone's NIXON, and also had a cameo as a university student in HIGHER LEARNING (how about that? another film that relates to "school"). Strange how she seemed to be able to pull off the look of a teacher and a student in the same year. She had a handful of other roles over the next couple years, including a part in Marisa Tomei's UNHOOK THE STARS, but nothing too big. Let's jump forward to 1997, a year she came out in one of the hottest roles of her career.


That's what you've been missing out on if you haven't seen Bridgette in THE REAL BLONDE. For the record, she's not the "real blonde" in the movie, but a model with dyed blonde hair. Still, she's very steamy as a competitive supermodel. The bummer is that the character she comes on to in the flick has a fetish for natural blondes. Sorry, but if that up there doesn't do anything for you, you need to go see the Great Penis Wizard of the West.

That same year, Bridgette was slashed and hacked in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Frankly, I keep forgetting she was in that, as the four-eyed bee with an itch. Next, she was in the movie STARSTRUCK with Jamie Kennedy. The film was originally supposed to be titled STARFUCKER, in which case you may actually remember it. But they dropped that title, and when it was released, it was slammed for not taking enough chances (keep that in mind, movie producers). After a small part in THE SUBURBANS, Bridgette went on to her next comedic starring role in the great, the wonderful...

                                                                                                                                                                     One good thing about this movie: Bridgette Wilson in lingerie.

Aw, f**k!  You may not remember the craptastic LOVE STINKS, and if not, just be thankful and keep living a happy, unscarred life. It was 3rd Rock From The Sun-star French Stewart's first leading part in a movie, and whoever put him there doesn't know how to take a gambling chance. It put a holt on both French and Bridgette's careers, and it didn't get too much better with her next release. Bridgette took a part in the 1999 remake of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. I know a few people who like this movie, so I'm not going to bash it, because honestly, I barely remember it. Geoffrey Rush took Vincent Price's role as the creep who traps a diverse group of people in his experimental mansion to terror. I can't think of how Bridgette got killed off, but around the same time she died in that movie, her career started to go, too.


She started off the new millennium with her role as Miss Texas in BEAUTIFUL, using her experience on the catwalk from the Miss Teen USA pageant. Also in 2000, luck was picking up in other places (her love-life) when she got married to tennis-player Pete Sampras. She's had two sons with the racket-slinger, and she steered her acting career towards more subtle waters. Since then, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I've lost track of her whereabouts. So without further adieu, let's get a load of the more recent Bridgett Wilson... 



                                                                                        Swallow your gum, Gumby!

Okay, mean jokes aside, she's obviously still very beautiful. That tennis ball handler better know how good he has it. I know what you're thinking: when is Salacious going to show us someone who's gotten f*ck ugly over the years? Well, I'm sorry, and that will come, but to be honest I didn't think she'd look so good at first. She definitely has more of a believable "teacher" look now, that's for sure. Here's the most recent pic I could find of her and her family, followed by some other notable moments from the 2010's.             

In 2001, Bridgette co-starred in the wretched-looking comedy, flick JUST VISITING, which followed two medieval knights coming to modern New York. Here are some of it's outstanding moments...


A few years ago, she guest-starred on the ABC series Carpoolers, which was never picked up for a second season. She also had parts in THE WEDDING PLANNER, snowboarding flick EXTREME OPS and made one final, very sexy lingerie-clad appearance in the 2005 Steve Martin comedy SHOPGIRL.

That was certainly a delight. Bridgette also managed to stay hot for her role in the 2009 boxing movie PHANTOM PUNCH.

I may have hated school all my life, but if I'd had a someone like Bridgette Wilson to impress with my homework, there's no doubt I would've been a C+, or even a B-student. I'd be the most proud teacher's pet ever, bringing her a shiny red apple every day. Looking back, Bridgette's actually had an alright career, having dipped her toes into all different kinds of genres, and even dabbled in the music industry for a while. I'd still like to see her working, but raising the kids of a sports star ain't easy. Perhaps one day, her younglings will inspire her to become a real teacher, and she'll make hundreds of kids' elementary school experiences a thousand times less bogus.

Extra Tidbit: How do you schmoes think Sonya Blade's holdin' up?


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