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Then & Now: Mindy (Pam Dawber)

08.23.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Nanoo nanoo, earthlings! (Okay, I know that was an excruciatingly lame way to start off a column regarding the cast of "Mork & Mindy", but I've fully, respectfully chosen to not give a shit). The focus of this week's "Then & Now" was spawned by Movie Fan Central user Jedd the Jedi, who recommended we splice the idea of time-travel with space aliens, which is totally cool. So let's rev up the engine of our hottie DeLorean and visit the past works of Pam Dawber, also known as 'Mindy' from "Mork & Mindy".

'80's Hottie Golden Rule #3: They always have at least one bikini pic out there.

Pam Dawber was initially a fashion model who moved to New York and soon became an established actress. Why? Because she was friggin' cute, that's why. In the later '70's, soon after Fonzie jumped the shark, "Happy Days" introduced a very wacky character named 'Mork', portrayed by the then-unkown Robin Williams. This character, as if we don't already know, spawned a spin-off series, which later began to receive higher ratings than the show that spawned it. They thought, "How do we bring in an audience week after week to witness the psychotic ramblings of some martian who was birthedfrom an egg?"... Why, bring in a lovely actress with an engaging smile, of course!...


.. who can't seem to stop playing with her hands.

I vaguely remember watching this show a lot as a kid, but I probably didn't understand most of the jokes, and I certainly didn't understand the political undertones and hidden messages occasionally. Robin Williams obviously had a very berserk and zany presence on camera, but Mindy (Dawber) was basically put there to counterbalance the insanity of a character who could drink with his fingers like a straw. I will say this, though, she was definitely a hottie.

"Mork & Mindy" entered extra-creepy territory in its 3rd season, when our two lovebirds started raising a full-grown man like he was a child. Actually, due to some kind of genetic f*ck-up, the character Mearth (played by Jonathan Winters) was technically an adult-size child who ages backwards, ipso facto predicting the plot of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. Still not weirded out? What if I told you Mork was the one who gave birth to him... through his fingertips... in egg form???

Not that it was really an intellective voyage to begin with.

Then Pam Dawber went on to star in a movie with another actor whose fame excelerated through the sitcom universe, John Ritter, in 1992 WTF movie STAY TUNED. It also starred Jeffery Jones, that guy who later became known as an international creeper. He played Satan. Yeah, in this movie, Satan was in charge an evil television network, much of which involved the worshipping of the man in red himself... I actually remember loving this movie at about 10-years-old, which probably says more about my f*cked-up-ness than it does the actual movie.

In the later '90's Pam got involved in a few lesser known films with creepy titles like WEB OF DECEPTION, A CHILD'S CRY FOR HELP, I'LL REMEMBER APRIL, and my personal favorite, DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU. It's obvious Pam didn't blow up into one of those Hollywood names people have fun throwing around. But why? My guess is that she became a disgusting hippopotamus with a field goal-sized gap in her teeth, but that's just me. Let's lift the curtain and unveil what has become of the once-sexy Pam Dawber...

Pam is now 61-years-old, so if you like your wine aged, modern-day Mindy might be right up your alley. I'll say one thing, this outcome could've been worse… way worse. But hey, I'm just reporting the news here, I'll leave it up to you schmoes to conjure up a result. If you're interested to know what Pam's been up to, well, join the club. She hasn't returned to acting since the turn of the millennium, but she is apparently a national spokeswoman for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (you know, that whole George Orwell operation). She's been married to actor Mark Harmon since 1987, with whom she had two sons, so maybe she's just been taking it easy, mooching off of his "NCIS" checks. Hell, it's better than being married to an alien who gives birth to adult men.

Robin Williams at the peak of his Eminem phase.

So the main difference between Pam now and Pam 30 years go is exactly that; 30 years. Hey, they can't all be as lucky as Christie Brinkley, who was gifted with the Benjamin Button gene. Personally, I can't say I'm in any way disappointed with this outcome, so congtraluations Pam Dawber, for still having both of your eyes, all your teeth and most of your limbs (my main requirements)! Thanks again to Jedd the Jedi for the recommendation. Stay tuned (get it?), as there are still many hotties lost in space and time to catch up to .  


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