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Then & Now: Marty's Mom (Lea Thompson)

07.27.2012by: Salacious Crumb

Time: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. It's one of life's great mysteries, the way things change over time. Take celebrities for instance, some start off as the hottest people in show business then take a turn into crazyville. Some hotties plaster themselves on magazines modeling bikinis, then hide away in a donut cave for 5 years and turn into Gabba the Butt. Others start off average-looking and then sprout into gorgeous, jaw-dropping creatures. If I ever came across a time-traveling Delorean, there are an endless number of hotties I'd like to visit in their prime. And who better to start with than Marty McFly's mom herself, Lea Thompson.


In her teen years, Lea Thompson was an aspiring dancer in Rochester, Minnesota before an ABT artistic director killed her buzz by stating she was "too stocky". So at the age of 20, she decided to move to New York to become an actress. Her first gigs were a slew of Burger King commercials with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Elisabeth Shue, but the best part is how her film career kicked off. Her first role in a feature film was in none other than JAWS 3-D in 1983. Her next movies, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES and RED DAWN, weren't particularly less cheesy. From this point on, she was bound to become the "popcorn movie girl" of the '80's.

Oh, Lorraine Baines, one of the most uncomfortably hot characters in film history, right next to the alien hooker in MARS ATTACKS. For those of you who aren't familiar with BACK TO THE FUTURE (just kidding), the whole story revolves around Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly trying to bring his parents together 30 years in the past, while he avoids getting it on with his mom, played by Lea. When I think about this movie being released with a PG-rating, it just reminds me how much ballsier movies were back in the 80's. The PG-13 rating hadn't been invented, but still, even now I don't see a movie about a dude's mom coming on to him being anything less than an R. Anyway, Marty's mom doesn't end up calling her son "daddy", if you follow me, but Ms. Thompson definitely stabilized herself as an actress to look forward to, because surely, she was on her way to great success.


                                                   She must've been high on quack to accept a role like this.

Well, speaking of PG-rated movies from the 80's with weird, twisted sexual tension, do you guys remember when Lea screwed a duck in that one awful movie, a year after BTTF's release? Yes, HOWARD THE DUCK was the next bishop which Lea moved on the chessboard of her career, and while it certainly set her back, it wasn't enough to end the game. She made up for it in John Hughes' SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, and by getting nude on screen in CASUAL SEX before returning to BTTF's two sequels.

In the 1990's, Lea hovered around the safe zone, starring in three feature-film remakes of classic TV-shows in a row: DENNIS THE MENACE, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and THE LITTLE RASCALS, all within the same year. C'mon, really, Lea? I don't know if that's just how everything happened to fall into place, or if she was purposefully trying to drop out of movies altogether. Well, it worked, 'cause soon after that came her 97-episode run of "Caroline In The City". Did you forget about that old sitcom? I sure as hell did. The show itself wasn't all too funny or engaging, but Lea definitely remained pretty damn cute.

While she was still a looker in the '90's, Lea's fame had pretty much died down before the turn of the century. But she's never been out of work, mind you, keeping herself busy with plenty of TV-movies and guest spots. She just wasn't making the magazine covers as much as before. Could this be because Lea eventually became a big, fat, snarling cow-beast? Let's find out how she's doing these days...



Wow, not too shabby! Her body is fit, her hair is vividly orange-red, and she's definitely still got some sexy confidence going on, sticking her leg out and all. This is Lea at the AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony honoring Shirley MacLaine in June 2012. Some of you may know she's currently on the popular ABC Family series "Switched At Birth", playing the mother of one of the "switched" girls. It's a lot different from the motherly persona she took on for DENNIS THE MENACE, obviously being way more dramatic, but she's still looking fine as wine. Of course, I could just be happy she didn't turn out like her "48-year-old" self in the beginning of BACK TO THE FUTURE. She would still need hours of make-up to get to that point.

                                                                      Make it go away!!

So there you have it, Marty's mom is still doable. Who'd have guessed she still has that perk and energetic twinkle in her eye? She's said that one of her goals is to be on "Dancing With The Stars" like her RED DAWN co-star, Jennifer Grey, who won a couple seasons ago."I've lived in anticipation and fear of that call for all these years," Lea says, "but they've never even peeped at me, and I don't know why. I think they treat the people really nicely, and I say 'Three cheers to America' for liking that show. Mostly, it's very polite, and I like that. It's people working hard and other people respecting that. It's a lovely show."

I'm surprised they haven't called her yet. I bet there are many cinema nostalgia enforcers who'd tune in for the first time to see the 30-years-older Lorraine McFly on the program. Keep lookin' good, Lea Thompson, you are our density.

Extra Tidbit: How do you guys think Lea's holding up?


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