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The Week's Ends (5/23)

05.23.2008by: Cherry Liquor
I'm liking ending the week with ass. I'm getting used to it. As fitting as the end of a woman goes hand in hand with the end of a workweek (because what better way to spend a glorious weekend than buried in an end?), it's also fun to see what pictures I can get to turn up.

Eva Mendes

I had to go with Eva again because she's got a backside that rivals (if not surpasses) the beauty of her frontal globes. I actually didn't care for Eva much when I first saw her in films (the initial one I remember was ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO) but she's grown on me. The girl seems to have personality for miles, whether or not it was aided by drugs.

Sarah Jessica Parker

With all of the hype going on around the SEX & THE CITY movie lately, I'm tired of hearing about those four impossibly well-preserved old bitches. It's unfair that Parker has this nudity clause and doesn't show some nip like the other girls. But with a wet dress glued to her bottom line, I guess I can think of other things.

Summer Glau

You want to talk about a waste of a good looking woman. She gets cast as River on Joss Whedon's "Firefly," and the show gets canceled. He picks her up for the movie spin-off, SERENITY and the film doesn't do nearly the box office that it should have. She gets cast in the promising "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and then the WGA strike happens. Someone cut this hottie a break and cast that ass!
Extra Tidbit: Which ass is your favorite this week? To see my pick, click on the link above.
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